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  • Annual Membership | CPAOM

    Membership Benefits Pricing You must become a paid member to receive full CPAOM benefits. Home-based, family $ 50 50$ Every year Pricing is based on the # of children you are licensed for Get Started 0 to 7 children. Home-based, group $ 65 65$ Every year Pricing is based on the # of children you are licensed for Get Started 7-14 children. Small center. $ 80 80$ Every year Pricing is based on the # of children you are licensed for Get Started 13 – 40 children. Large center. $ 100 100$ Every year Pricing is based on the # of children you are licensed for Get Started 41 to 120 children. Membership dues auto renew at anniversary date and you can cancel your membership anytime. For multiple centers or centers licensed for 121 or more children please contact or request a quote below. Request a quote

  • Events | CPAOM

    Our Events No upcoming events at the moment

  • Childcare Providers Association of Michigan | CPAOM

    A collective voice working to improve childcare in Michigan Become a Member In doing our research it came to CPAOM’s attention that there are over 12,000 childcare providers in Michigan that do not have a collective voice when it comes to representation of their industry in Lansing. For the past few years there have been some initiatives taken by local providers to strengthen the connection to Lansing. They have worked with the Grand Rapids Chamber in writing boiler plate language for bills that have passed as well as worked closely with LARA and Lansing through the pandemic to help with rules, regulations, and funding. CPAOM, a 501 (c) 6 is an association founded to engage Michigan Licensed In-Home, Center, Group, Public, Private, Profit and Nonprofit Daycare providers in making changes for the betterment of our industry and those that we serve. Our Work Our primary focus in to be the collective voice in Lansing. We have engaged the services of MainStreet Legislative Consulting LLC. They are a division of the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM). Learn About Our Work What is an Association? In general, an association is a group of persons banded together for a specific purpose. To qualify under section 501(c) of the Code, the association must have a written document, such as articles of association, showing its creation. At least two persons must sign the document, which must be dated. Our Events Stay up to date with CPAOM through our events. We offer events for non-members and members. See Our Upcoming Events By providers for providers Member Benefits Peer to Peer Networking Join your peers in sharing best practices that will help you build a better business. Check out Events for more information. Advocacy CPAOM is a collective group of childcare providers working with MainStreet Legislative Consulting to elevate our voices in Lansing Training and Education Future Member Benefit Free Membership to Small Business Association of Michigan For more information visit Interested in joining Childcare Providers Association of Michigan? Learn About the Membership Contact Us 616-274-0553 Become a Member

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