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La Tonya A. Glover

Bright Beginnings Child Care

 La Tonya A. Glover has proudly served as the Owner and Lead Early Childhood Educator at Bright Beginnings Child Care in Detroit, MI since 2010. She is a devoted wife and mother of 4 amazing boys, an experienced mom who truly loves children and has a passion for teaching. She has a Child Development Associate Credential in Family Child Care and is currently working towards obtaining her BA in Early Childhood Education. 

 La Tonya’s approach to child care exemplifies family, unity and a love of Christ. She believes strongly in creating positive relationships with community agencies and early childhood education advocates to ensure she is equipped with the information and resources necessary to best serve the families she provides care and support for. She creates effective partnerships with families to support her mission of ensuring that every child receives the “Bright Beginning” they deserve. 

 La Tonya’s prior work, life experiences have provided her effective team building, management and organizational skills. She is a compassionate, strong-willed individual who strives to ensure that the needs and voices of the children and families she serves are heard and supported by every system, program and initiative that is designed for their benefit. 

La Tonya also desires to see Child Care Providers and Early Childhood Educators recognized, valued and positively supported in the invaluable work that they perform. La Tonya is currently working to advance the profession of Early Childhood Educators by ensuring they are informed, empowered and included in all matters that impact their ability to provide quality, equitable care and services. 

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