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Governor and Legislature agree to infuse $1.4B into childcare


September 23. 2021

LANSING, MI - The Childcare Providers Association of Michigan (CPAOM) is elated with passage of the state budget and its inclusion of $1.4B for the childcare industry. The historic move ensures families, childcare provider businesses, and childcare workers have the critical resources necessary to care for our state’s most precious citizens. 

“The essential childcare businesses and workers remain one of the most critical components to our state’s economic recovery and getting Michiganders back to work without worrying how their children will be cared for,” stated Lindsey Potter, CPAOM Board Member and Owner of Bright Light Early Care and Education.

CPAOM has tirelessly worked with lawmakers, Department Officials and the Governor’s office over the past five months to help direct the state’s priorities in childcare and is pleased to see its priorities included in the new budget deal. Key priorities included in the state budget are:

  • $158 million for an ongoing 30% rate increase and $222 million for a temporary rate increase;

  • $117.4 million to pay providers on enrollment vs. attendance;

  • $100 million in business start-up grants;

  • $36.5 million to expand the number of spaces for infants and toddlers; and

  • $30 million to offer $1,000 bonuses for childcare professionals.

“This giant win to childcare is a result of many voices working with their local elected officials,” shares Potter. “Imagine the impact we could have if we collected our voice, maintained our flexibility and independence, and continued to preach the value of quality systems, business practices, limited government oversight, and the service of childcare within the Early Care and Education system! We urge all providers to join us.”  

Our Goals

  • To ensure private licensed providers have a voice at the table at every state policy discussion.

  • To provide decision-makers and legislators insight into how policies affect daily operations.

  • To communicate and provide guidance to members regarding legislative and administrative changes that will affect daily operations.

  • To advocate affordable childcare for families.

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Our Values


Fairness across all levels of providers

CPAOM believes that all level of Daycare providers deserves the same representation in Lansing.



Respectful relationships are very important and on which our organization operates. We believe that quality of care we provide is measured by the quality of relationships we have with children, families, employees, funders, and legislators.
We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful; warm and caring; honest and open; fair and equitable.


Fiscal Responsibility

We are committed to financial prudence and sustainability – to making decisions that take into consideration the overall financial health of the organization in order to meet our goals and objectives. We conduct ourselves in a manner that is professional and according to all business practices that are legal and ethical.

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"Membership in CPAOM allows my single center to have a voice at the state level; I get to pour into my local region while still knowing I am a voice to be heard within our Great State of Michigan."

- Lindsey Potter,  Bright Light Early Care & Education

Who We Serve

We serve the over 12,000 licensed Childcare Providers in the State of Michigan.

Board of Directors

Our Board

Denise L. Smith, MA

Hope Starts Here Detroit Early Childhood Partnership
Implementation Director


La Tonya A. Glover

Bright Beginnings Child Care

Jared Rodriguez

Jared Rodriguez

Executive Director 

Cindy Ray

Cindy Ray

Secretary and Treasurer 

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